Hurricane Sam begins its curve into open waters as another system develops in the eastern Atlantic, but no threats to the U.S. are yet on the radar.
Hurricane Sam no longer poses even slight risks to the U.S.; two other waves in the eastern Atlantic may develop this week.
Hurricane Sam is intensifying in the central Atlantic, and the northern Lesser Antilles should continue to monitor the situation carefully.
Tropical Storm Sam is quickly organizing in the Atlantic and may threaten the Lesser Antilles next week.
A new tropical depression is one to watch for the islands, as Peter and Rose disintegrate.
Shear is chasing the clouds away from Peter and Rose, but the eastern Atlantic is still ringing.
Two tropical storms in the Atlantic are not a threat; watching another wave moving away from Africa.
A new tropical storm is moving away from the U.S. while risks diminish from an Atlantic wave.
The latter third of Atlantic hurricane season looks busy, but hopefully not 2020-busy.
Nicholas is still making it rain along the Gulf Coast, while a wave in the eastern Atlantic continues to bear watching.
Tropical Storm Nicholas is depositing heavy rain across the Northwest Gulf Coast.
Tropical Storm Nicholas will bring a serious flood threat to coastal Texas and western Louisiana over the next three days.