Welcome to WeatherTiger's Hurricane Watch! I’m Dr. Ryan Truchelut, a hurricane forecaster and researcher at WeatherTiger. I’ve been forecasting Florida’s hurricane threats professionally for 20 years and have been a hurricane analyst for the USA Today Network for the last eight years.

The Hurricane Watch is a newsletter focused on keeping you safe from hurricanes and helping you better understand the science of what makes these ferocious storms tick. I pay special attention to hurricane threats to Florida, but carefully monitor the whole U.S. coast and Atlantic Ocean.

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I’ve forecasted all of Florida’s worst recent hurricanes, like Irma, Michael, Dorian, Ian, and Idalia. To see our how my forecasts kept WeatherTiger’s subscribers informed in the very worst of what nature has to offer, read our forecasts from Hurricane Ian.

In short, the WeatherTiger’s Hurricane Watch brings the forecasts you need to stay safe, plus ample dad humor when applicable, straight to your inbox. Sign up today!

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Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences from Princeton and a doctorate in meteorology from Florida State. He has authored weather analysis for the Washington Post and USA Today and appeared on CNN and BBC World News as a guest expert.